So you are ready to get started with biking, but you’re missing the biggest part: The actual bike itself. You might have an idea of what you want: Maybe you know you want it in your favorite color, maybe you want a basket, or have a cool bell picked out. After that though all the bikes are starting to look the same. Should you buy online or go to a bike shop? Do I get a road bike or a mountain bike? With prices between a $20 yard sale find or a $10,000 full suspension mountain bike it might be a more difficult choice than buying a car. There is no a crystal ball that tells you what bike to buy. Fortunately it is very easy to pick out what kind of bike you need even without an expert at a bike shop (But they can help alot!)  Start by asking yourself three easy questions:

1: What do you want to gain out of riding bikes?
2: Where do you plan to be riding?
3: Who do you plan on riding with and what kind of bike do they have?